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In retirement, you have the time that you rarely had to spend with your family, on the golf course, in a new business, traveling far or kicking back in the backyard. It's essential that you have the financial means to maintain your lifestyle in retirement and to actively pursue your dreams. 


Talk To Your Representative About...

  • Planning and set your financial goals for your retirement.
  • Determining the best personal savings goal for your lifestyle in retirement.
  • Investigating which financial products will be the most effective in helping you meet your goals (Remember, you should plan for up to 25 or 30 years in retirement).

As you look forward to a long and rewarding retirement, you'll want your retirement strategy to change from accumulating assets in your working years to the distribution of your assets to support your lifestyle in retirement.

Talk To Your Adviser About...

  • Crafting strategies to ensure that you don't outlive your retirement savings.
  • Developing a plan that incorporates different economic and market scenarios. For example, if you're set to retire and the economy is in a downturn, what should you consider doing?
  • Making sure your retirement goals align with your spouse's visions of the future.
  •  Creating a withdrawal strategy so you have the income you need for an extended retirement.
  • Maintaining a suitable income stream from your investments during retirement and providing a financial legacy for your loved ones.
  • Giving a financial gift to a grandchild for college or making a sizeable contribution to a favorite charity. Discover the immediate tax benefits and estate planning advantages in gifting. 

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